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Used by almost every golfer on the PGA tour and in most TV broadcasts, Trackman provides the most accurate feedback in the industry. Trackman provides 2 sets of data, the first relates to the ball and flight, while the other relates to your club. Understanding these numbers is the key to unlocking your full potential.

Using Trackman technology, we have been able to transform our services to offer a more measured approach to our coaching. Our Trackman services currently include:

Trackman Combine

Club Fitting

Distance Gapping

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Trackman @ Derek Wright Golf

At Derek Wright Golf, we have two Level 2 Trackman Certified Professionals who have an in depth understanding of the data provided by the Trackman monitoring system. With this increased understanding, our professionals can quickly assess your data providing accurate feedback to help improve your game quicker than ever before.

Trackman provides our professionals with 2 sets of data, the first about ball flight and the second about their club. With this information, we can provide a completely tailored coaching experience as well as provide the most accurate club fitting service in the game.

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